“A vocabulary of truth and simplicity will be of service throughout your life” - Winston Churchill

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Darkmyst channel lists

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#oblivion 2 Sometimes things happen here. Don't make a mess. Pants: Optional - If you want to use the channel as a roleplaying room for something, just let me know, I can like add operator access and stuff.
#dataclaw 13 welcome to #dataclaw // [OOC] // [[:: freeform RPG hub ::]] topic: Wildcard#070: 'I'm scared you're going to be disappointed. You will be. I know you will be. And I know what that means for me in this situation, and it's unfortunate for both of us.'
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Travel from Liverpool

Password protection removed March 10th.

No change

  1. 23 February 1462
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Heretus interests + character summaries

Most recent Character Summary. This character was developed from a pre-generated character (mirrored image version). See also: Krug's adventure
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Firefox - My Config (addons/extensions list generated by Extension List Dumper)

Since I can't update Firefox - My Config (addons/extensions list generated by MR Tech Toolkit) | DynV homepage as its generator, MR Tech Toolkit :: Add-ons for Firefox, is incompatible with the current Firefox, and likely has since not longer after the publication of this page spiritual predecessor, I'm using another generator.: Ex

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