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cti_flex-7.x-1.0 rendering site blank

See attachments in the related table at the end. Running dir /s %UserProfile%\Documents\diablo2.epicgamer.org\sites\all\themes > %UserProfile%\Documents\diablo2.epicgamer.org-all-themes-140818.txt yield:

Volume in drive %SystemDrive% has no label.
Volume Serial Number is FFFF-FFFF

Directory of %UserProfile%\Documents\diablo2.epicgamer.org\sites\all\themes

17/08/2014 06:00 PM .
17/08/2014 06:00 PM ..
18/08/2014 02:52 AM cti_flex
16/07/2014 04:03 PM 767 README.txt

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Adding content Hero Editor exports

See attachments in the related table at the end. The form to add content of the type Hero Editor exports, which use the Taxonomy Hero Editor Item type in field labeled Item type. Linking here on the page New content allowing to only select taxonomy terms without child, or at least skip some, PLUS list of only the desired terms | Drupal.org.
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Taxonomy Hero Editor Item type

See attachments in the related table at the end. Image print and screenshot (smaller image) of the missing part taken on 140816 (YYMMDD) from the following values:
-Melee weapons
-Ranged weapons
--Encased jewels
--Plain jewels
--Arm armors
--Head armors
--Leg armors
--Torso armors
--Waist armors
--Long shields
--Round shields
--Tower shields
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see attachments

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Darkmyst channel lists

The most recent will be at the top.


#oblivion 2 Sometimes things happen here. Don't make a mess. Pants: Optional - If you want to use the channel as a roleplaying room for something, just let me know, I can like add operator access and stuff.
#dataclaw 13 welcome to #dataclaw // [OOC] // [[:: freeform RPG hub ::]] topic: Wildcard#070: 'I'm scared you're going to be disappointed. You will be. I know you will be. And I know what that means for me in this situation, and it's unfortunate for both of us.'
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